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Apogee Search LogoIn this post, I would like to introduce you to a company called [tag]Apogee Search[/tag]. Started in 2001 and based off Austin, Texas, Apogee Search provides services focused on search engine marketing ([tag]SEM[/tag]). SEM is a function to choose target keywords or phrases and position these keywords/phrases high on search engines results for optimum exposure and effectiveness using traditional [tag]SEO[/tag] techniques and paid advertisements such as banners and and [tag]PPC[/tag].

Like I mentioned earlier, Apogee Search is focused on SEM, primarily in 2 areas; natural search engine optimization and paid search advertising. Of course, any webmaster can claim that they are able to do SEO on their own but when there are too many keyword stuffing detected, the search engine may think that you are spamming. If you are not an expert in this area, best leave them to experts such as Apogee Search. Here’s a tip: if you want to do it on your own, go and attend one of them trainings offered by Apogee Search. Yup! Full fledged SEO training from the experts themselves.

As mentioned earlier, Apogee Search provides services in area of [tag]paid search advertising[/tag] where your website will experience an overnight performance boost. Apogee Search will test and refine keywords/phrases to accurately drive qualified visitors to your website thereby increasing the chances of sales conversion.

Apogee Search has much success in the online marketing industry. Don’t just take it from me, read what their customers’ say about them.

Lisa Wells, VP of Marketing, Mesquite Software
We’re very impressed with your creative thought and ability to identify potential users of our software through targeted internet ads, as well as capture their names and e-mail addresses. You can bet we’ll be spreading the good word about you when we encounter friends and colleagues who could benefit from your services.

John Stockton, Director of Marketing, NetSimplicity
Since LCG/Apogee Search took over our paid search advertising, they have doubled the number of leads we’ve captured from PPC traffic to our site while maintaining or improving the quality of those leads, and has done all of this at no increase in total cost to us (including their management fees).

Nancy Harris, VP of Software, Forgent Networks (Nasdaq:FORG)
It is great to work with a partner who gets it in terms of your business and the challenges you face. I really enjoy working with you and your team.

While you are at Apogee Search’s web site, make sure you visit their free search engine marketing analysis page. Fill in the page and let Apogee Search do the rest for you.

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