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I am a huge lover of still photography. Over the course of building this blog, I chanced upon literally hundreds of beautiful photographs. That was when I decided to build my very own gallery of photographs showing the places that I have travelled before. Every place will have a maximum of the very best 9 photographs.
I hope that you will enjoy viewing the galleries as much as I have enjoyed building it.

Oriental Japan – Japan has got to be one of my favorite travel destinations. Apart from the sky-high beers and trains, Japan offered me a view of tradition living in harmony with modernization.

Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore – coming soon

Braveheart Scotland – Inspired by the movie Highlander, Scotland has been one of my long awaited vacation destination. A natural and historical land, I could have swore I heard William Wallace cry “Freedom!”

Illuminating Paris – Paris is beautiful at night. This gallery mostly contains night shots except for a couple (to give you the daytime feel). If you are visiting Paris, roam around at night and sleep during the day.

London, Cornwall, Lake District – Coming Soon

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