Airline Seats With Legroom

Beautiful Long LegsFor most of us, we sure can do with more legroom when we board a plane. I’ve been aboard a number of planes and airlines but I simply forget to record down the seatings with bigger legs space compared to the normal seatings. Note that this is applicable to Economy Class only as all Business Class and First Class seats have obscene legroom.

Here, in this post, I will start recording and post legroom seatings as and when I have opportunity to do so. I seek your help too if you can do the same. Together, we shall build some good resource and help those of us who need that leg space.

Recently, I flew on Malaysia Airlines‘ Boeing 737-400 from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. The seatings with extra leg space are:

  1. Row 5. Seating ABCDEF
  2. Row 11. Seating BCDE (Next to Emergency Door)
  3. Row 12. Seating BCDE (Next to Emergency Door)
  4. Row 14. Seating ABCDEF (Next to Emergency Door)
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