Advise On Baby Cribs

Anyone out there looking for baby cribs? If you are, read right on as I want to share a couple of tips with you. If you are not looking for cribs but will do so in the near future, read on too. If you are not looking for baby crib tips, share your thoughts with us after you finished reading this post. 😉

First tip: Buy one that is made of solid wood. Yes, those heavy hard wooden cribs. Solid wood cribs are more expensive than that of compressed fiber or some cheapo wood. You know why? Because once your baby grow some teeth, you will notice that she will start gnawing away on the crib. If it was made of compressed fibreboard, before long, your child will turn into a beaver.

Second tip: Get a mattress made of coconut husk. You should probably avoid foam made mattresses. Coconut husk mattresses are generally more hardy and firm. Firmness is good for your baby’s back. Since the mattress is made of fiber, it will be more cooling and airy ; your baby will welcome these characteristics especially on hot days. And because of its fibre-ry nature, it is much more porous than foam, which will be a plus point when your baby decides to soil it.

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  1. Freddy said,

    November 28, 2007 @ 12:18 pm

    Hi, I was browsing for baby beds information when I came across your site. I totally disagree with your recommendation for a coconut husk mattress. If you have seen & felt such a mattress, you would probably know that this mattress is simply too hard and heavy-it would provide more harms than good, as babies or young kids are fragile (imagining knocking your head into one). No doubts that the local produced foam mattress are of extremely poor quality- too soft, almost could feel the floor. But there are better foam mattress available in the market. For one, I recommend the Brand “Sea Horse” mattress from Hong Kong- recently available in Malayia. I had it imported from Singapore some 10years back and it works wonders-light, firm & yet resillent and very durable. Till date, it is still as good as new, that is no mattress’ depression and no back pain for me. I had just bought for the whole family here.

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