Absolutely Horrible Week (so far)

I think I need a couple of vaporizers to calm me down right now.  This week, though it is only Wednesday, has been a horrible week for me.  3 unfortunate events have taken place and this is causing my blood pressure to rise.

Firstly, my Belkin wireless router is acting up on me.  Constantly freezing my browser off the Internet and especially during times when you are working online.  This little piece of crap is putting me off the Internet when I’m at home.  I’ll rather hop into my car, take a drive down to Starbucks and enjoy a cup of coffee as well as their free WiFi service.

Secondly, I totally forgotten about NameCheap raising their domain prices and I’ve got a bunch of domains to renew.  Dang it!  This is going to cost me more money when its time to renew.  Note to self: Outlook Calendar’s alert does not work if you do not keep the darn application open.

And today, my car’s air conditioning broke down.  It’s like having sauna in a leather seat instead of pine wood.  Seems like the cooling coil is leaking and there is no way that can be repaired.  I would have to change the entire cooling coil and that’s going to cost me a lot since it’s a continental car.  I’m getting a second opinion since the air-cond repairman didn’t look too trustworthy.

Now I understand why people exclaim “Thank God It’s Friday!“.  I cannot wait for weekend to arrive.

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  1. penny said,

    October 17, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

    hope bad things will go away from you, good luck!

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