A Visit To The Doctors

In supermarkets, while some rush to buy weight gain supplements, moi on the other hand is confined to eating veggies and fruits only.  In the gym that I go to, I see plenty of gymmers mixing and drinking potions that I suppose are protein supplements while I am confined to only plain water.

You see, I recently visited my doctor and he did a quick check on me.  He checked my blood pressure, my blood sugar level, my weight, my height, my BMI (body mass index), my waist size, etc. He said a lot of stuff but to write it all down in this blog will be too lengthy.  The gist of my doctor’s advise “Diet won’t help you.  Starvation will”.  That speak loads about the condition I’m in. heh 😉

It is now my belated new years resolution to lose plenty of weight to get back into shape.

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