4 Hours, 3 Popcorns, 2 Movies, 1 Cinema

I did the unprecedented thing in my life. I watched 2 movies in 4 hours in a cinema and during that time, consumed 3 boxes of popcorns. Since today is Friday and so happened that Thursday was a public holiday and tomorrow’s the weekend, I figured it would be a good day to catch the movies as many will be away from town for holidays or simply to their respective hometowns. I was right, the cinema was empty. I had the whole row, right smack in the middle of the cinema; Golden Screens Cinema.

I have preferred Golden Screens Cinema compared to Tanjung Golden Village for classiness, cleanliness, seat space and air quality; well, that’s my personal opinion. Leave a comment if you think otherwise. Back to my story.

For my first movie, I chose Aliens versus Predator 2, AVP2 in short. Why? Because I have not forgotten how trilling Aliens was when Sigourney Weaver fought with it. Though the movie started off well by me having the whole row to myself, it started to go downhill from the first kill. With Aliens+Predator (somehow they mated and created Aldators) roaming the town, killing every human they could seek out, it all ended with a bang, a nuclear bang – how convenient. If you are looking for a movie just to kill time with no-brainer movie plot and lots of gory stuff, this is it. I did not enjoy this movie and quite frankly, I feel disappointed – at least throw in some steamy scenes to make this watch worthwhile.

AVP2 - In the name of the King

Fresh out of watching AVP2, I went around to buy yet another box of popcorn.  I took my seat at this large cinema and munched away.  As soon as the movie ‘In The Name of the King’ started, it felt so Lord-of-the-Rings-ish.  As the mud monsters came on, I thought I was watching Lord of the Rings.  The storyboard was quite shallow; farmer has a boy and wife, monsters came and kill the son, wife escapes, wife held hostage by the baddest person in the movie, farmer rescues wife, wife kills the baddest person, farmer becomes king.  I’m glad this was a short movie.
I’m starting to feel that movie producers are out to insult my intelligence and I’m crossing my fingers that the movie I Am Legend will not.  Did I enjoy my day? Yes I did.  Anything that takes my mind off work is enjoyable; if I don’t have to pay for it.

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