WordPress2 Image Upload

I received an email from a reader named Susan. This is how it goes:

Email LogoDear Amos,
I have recently upgraded my personal blog from WordPress 1.2 to 2.0 instead of taking it to version 1.5. Kind of daring if I may add. Anyway, I realised that when I use the upload function in WordPress2, I noticed that the images were not published in full but rather in the form of thumbnails (sic). What can I do?


Well Susan, WordPress2’s image upload function’s limitation has been brought up in forums around the world particularly by members who have been using WordPress for a long time such as yourself. However, there exists a popular image plugin called the IImage Browser that is partly compatible with WordPress2. The plugin is able to work in WP2, however, you will need to turn off your WYSIWYG function. Maybe it’s a small price to pay for a great plugin such as IImage Browser.

And finally, nope, I did not spell IImage wrongly. :mrgreen:

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