WordPress 2 Compatible Plugins

Disgusted FaceBoy, am I sick of testing wordpress plugins one by one (Don’t mind my facial expression). During my 12-hours of testing, some worked and some did not. It’s particularly frustrating that some of my favorite plugins do not work; e.g. the famous Automatic Meta & Technorati Tags plugin. My WordPress is now littered with numerous plugins in both activated and deactivated form.

I hear some hysterical laughs behind my back right now 😆 because everyone knows that the Internet is your best friend as well as a source of wealthy information. A search and filter on Google revealed a list of compatible WordPress plugins for the highly anticipated Version 2. I would like to share this list with all WordPress 2 users to spare them from tedious testing. Here it is:

If you have other known lists of plugins compatible with WordPress2, do post it here.

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