Women Business Clothes

BusinesswomanI’ve learnt this saying from someone who is high up on the corporate ladder: “In order to be successful, one has to look successful“. The more I thought about it, the more I observed my surroundings, the truer the saying seems to be in the corporate world. The saying is hitting hard on what is subtly known as packaging – otherwise, why would man go for facials and put on light make-ups? As for womens clothes, I really like seeing them in business suits – where the cotton shirt meets the pressed trousers and a matching jacket to complete the smart dressing.

My wife was recently promoted into a managerial position where she now leads a team of engineers. As she took on the role, many of her teammates look up to her and takes her as a benchmark for success. The more my wife sinks into her new position, the more I noticed that she changed almost her entire wardrobe to business clothings compared to the past (when she was an engineer technie), where she would dress very casually. Besides her clothings, she has added a few pairs of working shoes and is generally more conscious about her appearance.

She attributed this change to several factors including peer compatibility, business acquaintances matching, company representation and corporate acceptance. A radical change like this reinforces the saying that I’ve learnt – “In order to be successful, one has to look successful.

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