We Are So Backward in Driving Education

Curiosity got the better of me after my previous post about my cousin getting a drivers license having coached by her dad. As I have mentioned, Malaysia driving students need to get professional driving education and lessons unlike citizen in the United States.

So, I checked around the Internet and found out that California driver education course allows teenagers to take lessons at their own pace via their computers. After completing the course and attaining the age of 15½, the teenager can then apply for their learners permit. From here, parents can then coach and teach their children to drive. I really like the California driver education methodology as it allows parents to spend quality time with their teenage children and at the same time, act as a mentor. Comparatively, back here, we are behind time in terms of drivers education methodology.

As I was browsing around the driving sites, I found and couldn’t resist this Driver Education Quiz and attempted it — I passed. 🙂

California Driving Practice Quiz Results
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