Transitioning from Windows to Mac

Apple PowerBook G4I have just laid my hands on a beautiful [tag]Apple[/tag] 15″ [tag]PowerBook[/tag] G4. The unit came dirty with food leftovers on the keyboards, trackpad and screen. I took the liberty of cleaning up this sexy piece of machinery and in about 30 minutes, it looks brand new.

This particular model of Apple product has been discontinued and replaced with the Intel based MacBook Pro. What am I doing with this machine, you asked. This unit in my hands is up for sale and I am contemplating buying it. My worry is really the cost of maintaining an obsolete Apple machine and the fact that I have been a Windows user for as long as I could remember (circa 15 years).

I have heard so many good things about the Mac and now that I can really afford to own one, I can’t decide. A few of my friends who made the [tag]switch from Windows to Mac[/tag] swore that they won’t be supporting Bill Gates and his Windows anymore. MacOS has really converted my friends based on it functionalities, ease of use and reliability.

Tough decisions in life, isn’t it.
p.s. Blogged this using Firefox on MacOS X on PowerBook G4 on Apple.

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