The Thought of Retirement

Mrs Wong and I have just completed yet another round of long talk. This time around, it is about our retirement and how we are going to cope with it. We are both adamant that we are not going to see the end of our days in retirement homes but to live it out in a comfortable and fulfilling manner.

Some points we pondered and planned upon:

  1. Provide the kids with the best education based on their capabilities.
  2. Provide the kids with their basic needs to survive in the working work.  This includes a deposit for a car if necessary.
  3. Never to bother the kids on our needs such as financial needs or companionship.
  4. Prepare a retirement fund now (after we settled the mortgage and car loans)

Living in Kuala Lumpur is getting more and more expensive by the day.  Everything is going up in price.  From fuel to toll to food.  Fuel increase inadvertently increases everything you can think off.  I am having a feeling that my purchasing power is shrinking and the wallet seems thinner than ever before.

Since Kuala Lumpur is where we are currently making a living, it seems apt that we retire somewhere away from the city.  Somewhere in a small town, away from expensive living zones.

If you have a retirement plan, I would love to hear some of it.

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