The Dreaded Malaysian Tax Season

Working Malaysians during this times will be in foul mood.  That’s because it’s tax season and everyone’s got to submit their tax returns by 30th April 2008.  If you are unaware of the submission deadline, again, it’s 30th April 2008.  There, I bolded and underlined it for you.

Each time I do my taxes, I go kelam-kabut looking for all the supporting documents/receipts for tax relief purposes.  But for the last year, I disciplined myself.  I got hold of an old shoebox and dumped every receipt into it as and when I bought time.  This year, no more kelam-kabut for me.  Completed my entire tax submission within 3 hours.

I have also checked with the income tax officer with regards to the sports tax relief.  For year 2008, you can claim for anything you spend on anything sports including sports shoes, racquets, balls, shuttlecocks, etc.  So, make sure you keep your receipts for next year and note that the relief is for a max of RM300.

Though tax season puts it toll on me, I’m glad I did it within a short period of time and the best part is, I overpaid!! 😀

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