The Dawn of Robots

Electrolux TriolitOne of the common things that humans hate to do besides bungy-jumping is housework. The thought of cleaning the house will simply cause the average Joe to looks for even the darnest excuse to avoid it. It is because of this that the people behind Elextrolux vacuum cleaners invented the Tribolit.

The idea behind the invention is not only to relieve your home chores but also to free up your time for more quality time. Comparing the Trobolit to the traditional Elextrolux vacuum cleaners, this invention is both revolutionary and evolutionary.  The dawn of robotics have arrived for mankind but the price tag is something that the average Joe can ill-afford.

As in any market, competition is good; for the consumers that is. More companies are coming up with their version of robotic vacuum cleaners; examples being the iRobot, KoolVac and RoboMaid. With more players in the market, it certainly will push prices down for robotic vacuum cleaners.

Don’t be fooled by some manufacturers that claim that their robots will be able to suck dirt off your floor.  Unlike the makers of Elextrolux vacuum cleaners, where the Tribolit is able to scan your floor space and remember the areas that have not been cleaned.  It can also charge itself if its battery runs low.  Some manufacturers so-called robotic vacuum cleaners merely bumps itself of walls and swirls around like a toy.
Robotics vacuum cleaner is certainly a must-have for families where both the spouses work or if you own a large home. I believe that in the near future, more robots will be introduced into our homes so that we can lead quality lives.

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