Stop Procrastinating

Yup! I’m just reminding myself daily to stop procrastinating and get on with my Masters programme. I’m at the very final stages of my Masters of Information Technology programme where I need to only pass the Specialised Project module. The deliverable of this module is an actual working system from conceptualisation through realisation.

When I first proposed my project, I was very fascinated by PHP and MySQL, which is like the language of the web. Hence, without a single knowledge of either product, I jumped right in. Call it a baptism of fire if you like but I was drowning in the lava. The PHP language was a little difficult for me to pick up and SQL syntax killed all desires to learn.

During my fiery journey, I realised that not only must I know PHP and MySQL, I need to pick up skills on HTML, CSS and Javascript. Dang! This is just too much for me. Nevertheless, I’m halfway through the project, building my application as I go along, begging for help wherever the good samaritans may be.  God be with me as I limp through this treacherous journey of frustration, agony, pain and unknown.

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