Spectacles versus Contact Lenses

Contact LensesTokyo beckoned me to visit her one spring and with the desire to have a vacation, I booked a flight and literally got myself into the orient city within 2 weeks. Before the trip, I had thought to myself if I should bring those daily disposable contact lenses or my spectacles.

Since I have decided to travel light, I made the choice of contact lense.It was the second day of my vacation in Tokyo and the weather was a little chilly. As I walked around Ueno Park, I sneezed. My left contact lens must have flew out because of that and I ended up with one good eye for the rest of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against contact lenses and I have had my great moments being free from heavy glasses hanging off my nose bridge. Contact lenses gave me a kind of freedom and a better degree of vision but having dry eyes and losing lenses midway are some of its drawbacks. Next time I travel, I’ll make sure I bring along both my contact lenses and spectacles.

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