Scheduling My Travels Periodically

I love traveling.  My wife loves traveling.  My kids bug me to go for vacations. All of us want to go to exotic destinations but the price tag is something that I can ill afford or not willing to pay for.  It has been my greatest aspiration to take a long family vacation at least once a month and I think the timeshare concept may actually work out for me.

If you do not know what timeshare is, it is actually a group of people buying a piece of property and all joint owners have access to the property at different times of the year.  Though timeshare does alleviate the traveling cost associated to accomodation, there are other considerations to think about; e.g. air tickets, travel insurance, ground transportation, etc.

If you are a traveler who prefers the “tour company” way, timeshare is probably not for you.  I’ve long ago given up on tours because they are “hurry burries” and they take me places where I really don’t like.  Most of the time, they will make unscheduled stops at shopping areas so that they can earn commissions from your purchases.

Note that timeshares are long term commitment and if you are not up to travel periodically, you should consider other alternatives.

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