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Music NotesMarch of this year, I got myself a Samsung X200 mobile phone. I liked the phone for its simplicity and design aesthetics. However, there are 2 shortcomings that I observed.

Firstly, this nifty little mobile does not word wrap when composing or receiving SMS. That makes reading SMS difficult and troublesome. It is really a hassle to read SMSe if you are behind the wheel.

The second shortcoming is that of their preloaded ringtones. There are only limited selections of polyphonic tones available and mostly suited for the much younger generation’s taste. I hear that T-mobile ringtones which is available in the United States are awesome and there is a large collection of tones for download. I’ve not checked it out but I sure will immediately after this post. For me personally, I prefer those monotones that goes ring-ring…. ring-ring; a simple tone to tell me that there is an incoming call.

If you own the same mobile as mine, do yourself a favour and download free ringtones for your own mobile.

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