Remembering My Bosses

I have worked under a few bosses before in my life and I was fired only one… 😉 My first ever paying job was a salesman selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners. My boss was the horrible-Cinderella-stepmom kind of person. Always pushy, always screaming and way demanding. I guess his sales incentives drove him to be a slave driver. I lost my job after I gave him a piece of my mind; after which, I vowed never to again tell my future bosses what’s in between my ears.

My next boss was a wimp. His indecisiveness and his inability to lead made me shine easily in the office. Because of my boss, I was able to make decisions on his behalf, lead the team through some good achievements and in all that, gave me plenty of practice as a manager.

I moved companies as a manager, taking on multiple roles including running a subsidiary business which has nothing to do with my forte — Information Technology. I had a boss who unfortunately rejected my candidacy after interviewing me but was forced by his boss to employ me. Needless to say, I had trouble with my boss right from the time I reported to work. I’m glad that I was able to change that situation into a positive impression after 6 months through sheer hard work and results delivery. We are good friends today.

I’m not going to describe my current boss, least he reads my blog and discovers what I think of him. I’m not ready to re-live my Electrolux experience. 😀

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  1. koky said,

    January 17, 2008 @ 11:44 pm

    Wow…. you really have a boss from hell… Pity you. Where are you working now?

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