Past Charm of Greek’s Rhodes

If you have not already known, Greek’s Rhodes is an island with a very rich history.  It’s old city of Rhodes is today’s World Heritage Site; you don’t get a lot of cities being declared heritage sites.  Today, Rhodes is bustling with international tourists, who is enjoying her offerings; sunny gravel beaches for a sun tan, Filerimos Hills for medieval chapel/monastery, Kamiros for ancient ruins, Valley of the Butterflies for moth viewing and many other attractions.  Travelling to and hotels in Rhodes are relatively cheap (according to WikiTravel) which may be the reason for flocking tourists.

Rhodes Collosus

In the past, the Colossus of Rhodes stood at a towering 30 meters, making it the tallest statue in the world at that time. The statue was built after the Greek god Helios by the Rhodians to celebrate their victory over a city siege.  The Colossus of Rhodes was made of marble, iron and bronze.  It stood tall for 54 years until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 226BC.

Just like the artist impression above, the Statue of Liberty is based roughly on what engineers imagined the Colossus of Rhodes to be.  It was also thought that the great statue was placed at the breakwater.  If the statue stood where it was today, I really wouldn’t mind taking a short break to fly in, check into one of the Rhodes hotels, take a boat, row right under the statue and look up. 😀

Today, the Colossus of Rhodes is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and an engineering marvel.  What’s left of the ancient Rhodian world is awaiting your visit to the Greek island.  To experience the Rhodian hospitality, fly to Greece and check yourself into a Rhodes accomodation either through a homestay programme or a simple bed & breakfast.

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