Parenting With Love, Logic and Reasoning

Family with ChildrenLast week, I was at a friend’s house who had a teenage daughter and a teenage son. I could see the difficult time that is going to hit me. Parenting teenagers or rather controlling teenagers is no joke; these are the time when the kids become rebellious. I’m terrified after watching the fiasco of shouting match between parents and the teenage kids. It practically took both the father and mother to talk sense into the kids’ mind.

Come to think of it, single parents (mothers especially) are going to face it alone. For one to brave this journey alone, it’s going to be tough. Thankfully, there are such things as single mother programs to help, guide and support in this journey of bringing up children. Single mother programs not only guides and teaches but also allows you to pour out your frustrations and disappointments; an excellent vent, if you ask me.

I believe that if we care for our kids with love, logic and reasoning, parenting should not be as difficult as it seems. Have you seen how rebellious the kids of a discipline master are? Have you seen how behaved children are in a harmonious family? I’ve seen both families and I think I know why the difference but I have yet to experience them. Have you? Care to share your story?
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