Online Forum Conflicts

I am a member of a few online forums and have been active (as in visiting almost everyday) but hardly post messages unless I have something to say.  Over the years, I’ve noticed each and every forum have had their share of ugly conflicts which always took this path:

  1. It starts out as subtle sarcasms
  2. Sarcasms are replied with more provocative replies
  3. Direct conflicts in threads with parties arguing
  4. New threads are created to specifically debate on issues and disagreements
  5. Angry members shun the forum and stay away or create a faction and start their own communities

Therefore, if you are member of online forums, as an administrator, act quick.  If you are normal member, alert the administrator so that she can take quick actions.

Looks like conflicts happen both in the online and offline world.  We humans simply must learn how to live together. 🙁

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