New Coat of Paint?

One of my webmaster buddies have commented that I should get a new theme for this blog. Apparently, the green and orange colours are getting stale and boring though I feel otherwise (maybe that’s because I own this blog :p)

Changing your blog’s theme is akin to giving your house a new coat of paint. It may be fresh, may be sparkling, may be appealing, and could very well attract visitors to stay longer in your home.  Translating this into webmaster words and this means “prolonged traffic” which in turn may most likely turn out to be a sales conversion or PPC revenue.

In any case, I think I’ll maintain the current “Almost Spring” theme until such time when I finally get hold of a cool web design.  For those of you who have been stuck to a theme for a number of years, it’s time to consider a new coat of paint.

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