My Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth Headset

Samsung WEP 200 Black Bluetooth HeadsetI have been using mobile phones since 1995 which makes me a 12 year old mobile user. All these years, I have not used any kind of Bluetooth headset simply because owning one is an expensive affair. As technology progressed and pushed prices down to an affordable level, I got me one of those Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth headsets.

What compelled me to buy this is the following:

  1. Weight – it is so light that after a while of attaching this to your ear, you tend to forget it’s there
  2. Ease of use – very easy to use. Press to switch on, to switch off, to answer and to hang up. How much simpler can it be?
  3. Price – relatively cheap compared to the rest of BT headsets I’ve seen
  4. Sound quality – since the headset has an earpiece wedged in your ear, you will hear good crisp voices. However, this depends on the distance of your headset and your phone. The farther you are, the more static interruption.

After using this Bluetooth for a bit, here’s some slight downside:

  1. Talktime – it’s definitely less than what the manufacturer claimed
  2. Slight heat build up in my ear canal owing to the fact that this BT headset is lodged in my ear
  3. Static can be heard if I left my phone in my pocket
  4. Build quality is lacking sturdiness.  It feels like it could break easily.  My headset is already “wobbly”
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