Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

While having dinner yesterday, I bumped into one of my ex-colleague whom I have not met for the last 7 years.  We lost contact after the left the corporation and I had no idea where he went to or what he was doing.  We caught up last night and had some time to check on each other’s progress.  While I had moved up slightly, he on the other hand has become a successful business man.  Good for him and I wished him continued success in his ventures.

Before plonking myself into bed, I had a lengthy chat with my wife and I came to the conclusion that in order to be successful in life, one has to move out from one’s comfort zone.  I’m not the bravest risk taker around and I don’t even gamble as I know that I’m a sore loser.  Stucked in my little corporte cocoon, I felt safe.  I had my monthly paycheck which is enough to sustain my mortgage and auto loan.  I had a roof over my family’s head and I had enough for a decent living.  I am comfortable.

My ex-colleague on the other hand, left his comfortable finance-related job to start up his business in tourism.  He bought a franchise from one of the largest tourism company and started off in a small town. He related to me how tough it was, how sleepless nights bothered him, how cashflow was a nightmare, how he worries about fraud and how he succeeded in overcoming those difficult years.  Today, he owns multiple tour companies in the capital city and even owned a hotel located right smack in a historical city.

A few ingredients for success that I’ve learned from him; uncomfortable zone, love in doing the business, persistency, stamina, lots of smart planning, debt free and an understanding and loving family.

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