Motivating Your Postman

Can you imagine the number of mailboxes that your postman goes through in a single day? Does your postman put on a happy face when he drops your mail? Can you imagine the unhappiness he goes through when the weather changes from a beautiful sunny day into a torrential rain; yet at the same time, he needs to make sure your mail does not get squishy and wet?
Here are some tips that you can adopt to motivate your postman:

  1. Get proper residential mailboxes and/or commercial mailboxes of the right size for the majority of your mails. At least you make it easier for your postman to deliver your magazines when you have a bigger mailbox
  2. Use a chalk and write a thank you note on your mailbox to the postman. That would certainly brighten up his day.
  3. Put a bottled/canned/packeted drink in your mailbox. Delivering mails can be a tiring job. On festive seasons, put a small gift instead.

Some may argue that delivering mails is the job of the postman and all the above is just unnecessary. I tend to disagree because we are all humans and all humans need to be cared for. We are in fact living in a community on planet Earth, least we forget.

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