Me Petty? Not for a Door Handle

I am really into my home office project, am I not?  3 consecutive blog posts about converting my guest room into a home office.  This blog post is quite important to me because I intend to replace my door handle with one of those beautifully polished lever handles. As you can observe from the picture below, you will notice a drastic difference.  Isn’t it much nicer and more like an office?

Polished Door Lever Handle

I spoked to my wife about this idea and she said I was petty.  Petty? Me? Absolutely not.  Imagine the drastic change from a homely door to a professional, modern and designer-ish door.  I believe this change is definitely going to be worth the money.  Clients (if they visit my home office) would also appreciate the difference as it will demonstrate that I serious about my work and vocation.  Don’t you think so?

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