Mark Your Calendars – Apple iPhone Debuts

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Apple iPhone will start shipping on the 29th of June.  That’s in the US; it will be 30th June in Malaysia.  I’m not entirely sure if there will be any on sale here in Kuala Lumpur but I sure would like to get my hands on one of those lovely gadget.

When I first saw the iPhone demonstration, I was extremely impressed by the capabilities and ease of use.  I believe that the folks in Apple has put in much thought, dedication and effort to produce one of the most impressive mobile phones (to me, that is).

In the past, I’ve used other types of PDA phones but the stability of these gadgets got on my nerves.  Ever so often, these devices will hang and rendered useless especially at times when you need to use them urgently.  My initial fear was that the Apple iPhone would behave the same way.  But, recent news has it that Steve Jobs has confirmed that the iPhone uses the Mac OS X as its base operating system; which would eliminate many stability doubts in doubters such as myself.

So, folks, get ready for the fireworks on June 29th (US time). 

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