Management Series – Your Employees are Your Assets

Superior and SubordianteHow many times have you heard the line, “Your employees are your company’s assets“? Practically every leadership course you attend, every motivation course and every team building event keep reminding you that your employees are your assets.

But is the statement true? Does this apply to companies or corporations throughout the world? From my perspective, I would say, it depends. It depends on the nature of the business you are in.

If your business is centered largely on manufacturing, look into automation. Machines can jolly do a lot of things and can easily replace human beings at the factory floor. Yes, I do agree that certain level of human resources are required to run the business but can these people be easily substituted? For example, in a manufacturing environment, the HR manager may be be concerned of products produced by the business but rather she is more concerned of the staffing levels, unions, payroll, etc; essentially making her easily substituted.

Unlike a manufacturing business, the service industry such as IT, BPOs, Auditing and Accounting are extremely dependable on their employees. In these businesses, your products are actually the expertise of your employees. These are your assets. The more you grow them , the more they increase their ability and capabilities; they more money they make you.

In short, depending on the organisation and business you are in, employees play certain level of importance and therefore differing values to the management.

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