Management Series – Fate? Is This for Real?

Female Management GuruI was texting with my colleague on MSN Messenger earlier today about glitches in a project when our “conversation” argument was abruptly terminated. Since both of us had Yahoo Messenger, we continued our conversation debate there. At the heat of our discussion, our conversation was again terminated due to unknown reasons.
Mumbling to self: must be that nutty IT Engineer we recently engaged.

My colleague then sent me a SMS saying that we were fated not to have a conversation about the project glitches. I was taken aback by that statement. At this day and age, how can we still believe in fate? Come on, get real. I have a saying, “You won’t strike a lottery if you had not bought a ticket”. I proceeded to SMS him back with the following message:

Phone SMS

Hehe.. I’m a philosopher now. But that’s how I really feel, With all due respect to the various religions and beliefs. I have always believed that if you put effort into whatever you are doing, you are bound to have some results regardless if it’s a success or failure.

My hypothesis or philosophy “Your destiny is the result of your actions which is also partially influenced by others” supports other thoughts theories as well:

  • For every action, there is a reaction ~ Newton’s Third Law
  • God helps those who help themselves ~ Anonymous or rather unknown

If you do not lift a finger, don’t expect success to come your way. However, there are also elements of the unknown or variables that may alter your destiny. For example, you intend to buy some groceries at Tesco and was happily driving along when your mobile phone rang. On the other line was your old friend inviting you out for tea. You may:

  1. Join your friend for tea
  2. Decline the invitation and continue to run your errand

If you chose to join your friend for tea, your destiny to guy groceries at Tesco was a failure because your actions have been influenced by your old friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should not have tea with friends. This is just an example.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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