Malaysia’s Rear Seat Belt Rule

If you do not know already, tomorrow, Malaysia is making all passengers in the rear seat buckle themselves up in a bid to increase road safety. Compared to Germany, we are 24 years behind. Yup, if my math has not failed me, Germany introduced the rear seat belt ruling in 1984. In England, that rule was enforced in 1991.  It’s about time that Malaysia has this rule.

When I was in England, I had to get a car seat because you can’t possibly buckle up a baby using standard seat belts.  I was in for a rude shock when I shopped around for it.  The price for a single infant car seat is in the region of RM700-RM1000.  Discounts are given but at 10% – 20% at best.  Thankfully, in England, there are weekend flea markets called car boot sales.  I love these car boot sales where you find 2nd hand items at an obscene bargain.  Leather gloves goes at 50p, Peter the Rabbit jackets at 2 pounds and car seats at 20 pounds.

With the deadline to rear seat belts buckling starting tomorrow, shops with infant car seats and booster seats will probably find themselves running out of stock.  So, folks at the back, buckle up beginning tomorrow. It’s for your own good 🙂

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