Making the Right Choice for Party Wines

Pouring Wine into a GlassI will be throwing a party to a large group of friends this coming weekend. Food has been catered and paid for, beers and liquors have been stocked up. I’m expecting about 100 people to come to the party and with such a large group, I’m sure that there’s going to be some who dislike beer or liquor. There’s this little craze now that wine should be included not only in dinners but in parties as well. All these hype about wine-is-good-for-the-heart is making headways here in Asia.

I’m not a wine person and therefore consulted an acquaintance of mine whose father distributes wines around the country (yeah, you bet, I did ask for a discount). From the consultation, I’ve learned that Australian wines are the best to suit all kinds of taste buds. I’m not sure how far it’s true but nonetheless, I’m going to give it a go.

Did a little search on the Internet and found this Home and Living site which has a good and quick guide about Australian wines. It was this statement that made me decide to go on Australian wines and I quote:

Australian wine does not only compliment most meals in perfect harmony but also make an excellent after dinner drink with a cheese plate.

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