Magazines – Best Way to Kill Time When Traveling

Boy in Red Sleeveless Shirt Reading a MagazineIf you have not realised, magazines are great when it comes to traveling. Whenever I travel, at the airport, I will buy myself a magazine and read it on the flight. It’s a great way to kill time if you ask me. Some airlines provides magazines and the ones that I usually see are those of Golf Digest, Asiaweek, Time Magazine and Her World. With close to 400 passengers on board, rest assure that the magazines provided will be insufficient.

Whether I’m on the bus, the train, the aeroplane or whenever I’m waiting, my magazine helps me kill time. It’s easy to carry along and when I’m done with it, I simply throw it into the trashcan and buy me a new copy.

I know some who prefer to carry along novels or big thick books to read. Frankly, I find novels expensive, too thick, cumbersome to carry, lack of fresh news and worst of all, not disposable. No one throws away a novel after finishing it.  So, the next time you need to kill some time, try a magazine.

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