Lightings for Chinese New Year

It’s the festive mood of Chinese New Year swirling in the air. Most Chinese families in Malaysia will be conducting their annual spring cleaning and home improvement activities right about now. It is only about 2-odd weeks before we celebrate Chinese New Year beginning the 7th of February for 15 days. This year, I intend to consider replacing some of my home lighting to something more modern and yet sophisticated.

I have always liked my home to be illuminated by bright florescent and I opted to use the long horizontal and round florescence lights. Although it is giving me the level of brightness that I like, after a while, it looks too plain. I feel that my home is not homely enough, not modern enough and not “flashy” enough.

Since Chinese New Year is a time for relatives and friend to visit each other at their respective home, I want to spruce up my house for receive them. Having window shopped around at departmental stores, lighting specialty stores and look a look online for ideas, I am considering George Kovacs lightings for contemporary lighting for the bedrooms and bedside desks.

For the living room and dining area, I am thinking of investing in a couple of Hickley lighting fixtures. Some of them may prove to be a little too grand for my home and those are the ones that I will avoid. I’m looking at those similar to the Eden collection where light is reflected directly down to maximise brightness and the designs are not too flair.

This home improvement activity is nothing more than putting make up to my home but first I’ve got to convince the wife to part way with the money… 😀

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