Internet Is Keeping Me Indoors

LG Electronic Internet LCD RefridgeratorWe have online newspapers; we also have online clothing stores; we even have online banks and today, we have online pharmacy. The Internet has truly made our lives easier and more convenient in terms of reaching out for our needs. I can remember those days when I used to queue up at the bank for ages to just make a small amount of money transfer. Today, transferring money via online banks is so convenient and the transaction is completed with a few mouse clicks.

With an unlimited Internet access in my home, I can shop all day via my computer for goods, services and groceries. Thank God for credit cards and Paypal too. Companies like LG Electronics is adding convenience by incorporating an Internet enabled refrigerator with LCD screen. Now, you can surf the Internet right in front of your fridge. While reading this blog post, you can easily grab an apple to eat. 😉

With all these convenience, I’ll probably reduce my outdoor activities to a minimum. Less outdoors means less sunlight for my skin to produce Vitamin-D; fear not, I’ll just order it online.

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