If Only I Had Creative Skills

Being a webmaster, I constantly build one site after another in search of that one niche that will bring me riches, like a casino jackpot that goes ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching spewing out winnings. Though I am able to develop many sites (read: non-spammy sites) in a short duration, I am hampered by my lack of creative skills. In short, I cannot draw and I cannot design.

I therefore had to rely on free website templates or blog themes to fill that void. But alas, free stuffs are not necessarily good. Why? Because of the following:

  1. Majority of beautiful templates and themes require your site to link back to theirs. The number of links used to be one. Now, it’s like 3 or 4 links.
  2. Your site would not look unique. Your site will be lost in the ocean of websites-using-free-templates
  3. In extreme and rare cases, templates and themes are embedded with strange codes that may cause disaster

As such, I hire web designers to create nice sites for me but they don’t come cheap. I have to fork out hundred upon hundreds of US Dollars to pay them. Working with web designers can equally be as stressful as caring for a hyperactive child. You would really have to supervise them, provide feedback ever so often, remind them of the deadline, give in to their demands for more payment or upfront payment and et cetera.

I think I’ll just enrol myself in Collins College, get me a degree in Graphic Design, create my own templates and save me all the trouble.

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