How to Survive An Appraisal

Depending on how your performance is measured, there are a few ways to survive the dreaded appraisal period.

If your company uses balance scorecard and measurable KPIs for performance appraisal, you have no choice but to make sure you perform consistently.  Most balance scorecard that I have seen have a month to month measurement, so, you have a chance to buck up towards the end of every month to make sure you meet your KPIs.

If your company use the traditional once-a-year-superior-subordinate-mark-your-performance-based-on-how-much-the-superior-can-remember, you are in luck.  Most superiors can only remember 3 months into the past.  So, if you know that your appraisal is in June, just make sure you work hard from April onwards.  Try to recall your previous appraisals, think back about what your superior said; is it not true that he/she only mentions recent events – good or bad?

During your appraisal, just make sure you smile, dress proper, be extremely courteous and agree with what your boss says.  Compliment him/her whenever he/she mentions good points and take note when negative views are given.  Don’t create a scene and don’t make your boss angry or frustrated.  Most bosses will only recommend for promotion or salary adjustment after the face-to-face appraisal.  So, don’t piss him/her off.

Some bosses prefer to write in pencil and have you sign off the appraisal form in pen.  If this happens to you, it’s time to look for a job.

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