How To Sort WordPress Categories In Alphabetical Order

Step by Step; 123So, you would like to sort your WordPress categories in alphabetical order, don’t you? Some WordPress themes that you load comes with categories that are sort in the order they are created. In order to change them to alphabetical order, you don’t need any plugins but a simple tweak at the codes. I promise you that it will be simple. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on your File Manager in your web host’s CPanel.
  2. Click on public_html
  3. Click on wp-content (if you have a folder for your blog, click that first and then wp-content)
  4. Click on themes
  5. Click on the folder that consist your theme’s name
  6. Click on the file called sidebar.php
  7. On the right hand side of your CPanel, you can now see several new options. Click on the link that says Edit File
  8. Locate the codes wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=id’) (codes could be longer, so look closely)
  9. All you got to do now is change it to wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name’)
  10. Click the Save button

That’s it, in 10 easy steps. Reload your blog and press F5 to refresh it if necessary.

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