How To Save On Office Stationery Cost

Petrol price is skyrocketing. Although the price is controlled by the Malaysian Government, it is only a matter of time before prices are adjusted along with the world price of crude oil. When the price increases, so will the cost of goods and services. Instead of waiting for the consequences of increased petrol price, it is prudent to start looking into cost control.

For companies, the easiest and fastest way to start their cost control campaign is to look at the office stationaries. Most employees print documents without second thoughts as if paper and printer toners are free.  Printing has been identified as one of the major cost components of a business; hence, the proliferation of compatible printer ink, softcopy adoption and document management system.  Some company has gone as far as disabling printing for employees unless approved by their head of departments.

Controlling stationaries is simple to implement and takes little effort.  Papers, toners, inks and electricity can all be saved which can be very substantial in a large company.  Before you use generic toners, bear in mind that most printer manufacturers will void their warranty if found that a fault is due to generic products.

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