How to Save Money on eBay

All you eBay junkies out there. Yeah! You with the mouse happily clicking away in eBay auctions! How would you like to save some money buying stuff off eBay? Here’s what I found on the Internet.

There is a site called which allows you to search for what you want but with a twist. The search is based on common misspelled words so that you can capitalise on eBay auctions listed wrong. In order not to start confusing you, here’s an example of how I use this site to save some money.

First off, I searched using a keyword called ‘wireless‘. will then fetch all results from eBay based on mispelt words for ‘wireless‘ (see below image).

Listed Wrong

The results that caught myeyes was the Motorola Bluetooth Headset HS820. Note that the original seller has entered the misspelled word ‘wirless‘ instead of ‘wireless‘. Clicking on the link will open the actual eBay page (see below).

Motorola Wireless

Total cost for the Motorola Bluetooth is currently at $15.00 (including shipping). Notice that there is still zero bids on the product. As a comparison, I searched for a similar item using eBay’s engine. I found an exact product (also in the USA) but it had 4 bids and total cost come to $33.45 (plus shipping). That’s a difference of $18.45!!

Motorola Wireless

You have just saved $18.45 simply by using’s search engine. Because sellers misspelt the product descriptions or titles, they lose out on exposure and eBay’s search engine match. Therefore, less views equals to less bids equals to savings for the wise. Head on to and give it a try.

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  1. Will said,

    October 4, 2006 @ 12:56 am

    good usefull information. great info about ListedWrong. Sometimes you can save big money on items that the market just does not see.

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