How To Detect Hidden Spy Camera

iTeki Spy Camera Detector PenWorried about your privacy being encroached? Want to save yourself from potential embarrassment? Worried that public areas such as changing rooms are fixed with spy cameras? We all do not want to be the victim of voyeurism and therefore we must protect ourselves.

If you travel a lot and stay from hotel to hotel, protect yourself by getting one of these spy camera detectors. This gadget is shaped as a pen which makes carrying around easy and help you not to forget. Simply pack the iTeki Wireless Camera Detector Pen in your suitcase and leave it there. This potential “embarrassment-saver” will then be with you whenever you travel. It’s not expensive (USD16), so you can buy one for each suitcase that you own.

This pen is simple to use. Simply point the pen around the hotel room or any private areas or better still, walk along furnitures and walls as well as places where spy cameras can potentially be placed. If a wireless spy camera is detected, the pen’s tip will emit colourful flashes. Now, protect yourself.

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