How to Detect Fake Google PageRank

Real PagerankMany webmasters are obsessed with Google’s Pagerank technology and often misconceptualise thtat PageRank equals to quality. Indeed, I had that “mighty” equation (that dwarfed Einstein’s E=MC2) in my head when I started out as a webmaster.

As time goes by and with the help of forums such as DigitalPoint, I start to realise and experience that web traffic is much much more important than PageRank. However, many continue to dwell in the realms of PageRank and indeed many wants to achieve high levels for their sites.

Some of the ways to get high PR is through the buying of advertising links on high PageRank sites. The ad link does not come cheap and there are those who were conned into buying fake PageRanks. If you are one who invests a lot in this strategy, it is always good to check the authenticity of the PageRank.


I use the above tool to check whether a PageRank is genuine or otherwise. You can give it a try by specifying the URL you want to check or simply click on the link and specify the URL in the browser-displayed textbox. The result provided by the tool is self explanatory.

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