How to Check the PageRanks of Backlinks

LinksI’ve mentioned before that many webmasters are obssessed about Google’s Pagerank (PR) and this is proven through when one of my readers emailed and asked me whether if there’s a tool to check the PRs of backlinks. It didn’t strike me as odd that not only are they checking their sites’ PRs periodically, they are also checking the PRs of links pointing to their site. When you have a few hundreds or thousands of links pointing at your site, it is no longer possible to manually keep track.

Observing the need to satisfy these webmasters, I found a tool on the Internet that would solve the PR cravings – Backlink Checker provided courtesy of SEO Consulting.

It’s in German language but don’t let that deter you for all you need to do is key in your site’s URL and click on the “Check” button. Wait for a while and the results will be populated on the screen. The nifty bit is the summary at the end of the report. It provides you the total count of links sorted out by PRs. The image below is the result for

Amos Wong Blog Backlinks

Enjoy this tool and satisfy that craving! 😀

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