Home Decorations for Christmas

Scented Christmas CandlesSome of you may think that I am out of my mind writing about Christmas in the month of September. It all started when I was over at Ikano Power Center this morning with my family and we hopped over to the adjacent building where IKEA is located. We did a little window shopping there and it was at a particular section where home accessories can be found that I saw the many candles put up for sale there.

A bright flash of light appeared over my head when out of the sudden, I thought about Christmas. Not sure why or how it happened but I have a hunch that my brain is telling me that candles are associated to Christmas. Coming to think of it, I never really had candles during Christmas – it was always the same Christmas tree with flickering lights and shiny balls decor.

I’m going to do something different for this year’s Christmas, I’ll add candles to the whole decoration theme; scented candles would be a great addition as it not only provide the lighting but also the aroma of sweetness and relaxation.  Time for me to start planning and buying the candles as I dislike last minute purchases expecially during festive seasons.

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