Here Comes the Babysitter

Baby SitterNanny agencies can be a lifesaver when you are in dire need. Have you ever been invited to a big do and no one is available to care for your precious littles? Have you ever wanted to go on a holiday without the kids but no one is able to care for them for such a duration?

That was my predicament recently. Me wife and I would like to have a couple vacation away from the city to regain our sanity. It has been 3 years since we had a proper vacation; the last was in Scotland and France. We wanted to leave the kids behind for a few days so that the both of us can get a good rest.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, we do not have nanny or babysitter agencies to contact and contract for a short duration. I guess no one thought of starting this service. However, there are many forums catered for mums and dads to post their queries with regards to babysitter services. This method is slow as it probably takes a few days for response to come by. Moreover, the credibility of the babysitter recommended is at question as no one except the recommender have experienced them beforehand.

With great reluctance, we turned to my kids’ grandparents for help. It’s really not nice to approach them and say “Hi Mum! Hi Dad! I am going to a vacation with my wife. Would you mind taking care of my kids for a few days?” It was with great reluctance that I really said that. It’s like the selfish me abandoning my child-caring responsibilities but what choice do I have?

To be frank, I wasn’t overjoyed even though my parents agreed (without hesitation) to play babysitter. I guess parents are the greatest treasure you can have on Earth.

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  1. esther said,

    August 17, 2007 @ 6:14 pm

    hi, ive read with great interested about wat u had posted, would like my mum to be busy with little kids again since we are all about to leave our home sweet home..let me know if u need any help..

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