Greener Pastures over the Fence

I am not kidding you. I’ve had thoughts to move to the US. I’m a firm believer that grasses are always greener on the other side of the fence. Besides that, working in the US will help me grow my spending power. Imagine, in the US, DELL computers are only a few hundred dollars. Here, we are playing thousands of ringgit for the same hardware specifications (for foreign readers, average salary for Malaysians are around USD700 per month). How many of us can really afford an iPod? It’s like a luxury for those in Malaysia to own an iPod video.

Mortgage CalculatorSo, the US seems like a great place but US is so darn big. Where in US you ask. Florida, I say. Florida’s weather is similar to Malaysia and Florida’s got plenty of attractions. Houses in Florida is also relatively affordable (assuming I earn USD). From what I’ve checked on the Internet, a beautifully single storey house/bungalow with a big lawn and no fencing is priced about USD350,000. Mortgage services is also aplenty and we can even check and plan everything from here.

The best part is, companies like 1st Heritage Mortgage Company who specialises as Florida mortgage broker can provide me with the best rates shoud I decide to get a mortgage. The fact that the company is a licensed Florida mortgage lender and have been in existance for 20 years, increased my confidence of using their services. If you visit their site, you will be provided with excellent tools and calculators related to mortgage and it’s free to use.

All I need now is a job in Florida.  Anyone can give me a hand here?

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