Google’s GBuy is Around the Corner

For you folks who have no idea what [tag]Google Buy[/tag] or [tag]GBuy[/tag] is, it’s a payment service made available by Google. This service is very similar to that of Paypal.

British Pound Bank NotesGoogle first beta tested GBuy last year via it’s classified services called Google Base.

Comparing to [tag]Paypal[/tag], is it said (read speculation) that Google will charge merchants 25 cents and a 1.5% – 2.0% transaction value. Paypal on the other hand, charges 30 cents and 1.9% – 2.9% transaction value for Business and Premium accounts. With lower transactional fees by Google, GBuy will be favoured by merchants.

Webmasters and merchants around the world is hyped up on GBuy and many of them are very excited to try it out including yours truly (Don’t we all love new toys?). The question that remains in everyone’s mind now is, “Will GBuy be made available in all countries?”. For Malaysians, Paypal is available but we are not allowed to withdraw the money unless we have a bank account in certain countries. That is the many pain for webmasters around the world. With GBuy in the foray of [tag]online payments[/tag], it is expected that the competition will raise service levels for other [tag]payment providers[/tag].

June 28th is heavily speculated as the date that Google’s GBuy will be launched. If any of you kind readers have a [tag]GBuy invite[/tag], please please please invite me! If you want to have a sneak peek of GBuy, head on to Barry Schwartz’s post, documenting the buying and accepting payments process.

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