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How would you like to decorate your blog with your very own customized blog buttons just like the one I’ve done within 5 minutes (see below button that says “Amos Wong”).

Amos Wong Blog Button

The tool used to create this button is very straight-forward and easy to use. As I’ve said before, the above button is created within 5 minutes after some trial and error. If you feel adventurous enough, start creating your own blog buttons. As a start, click on the URL below:

I propose you use Internet Explorer. Not that I’m promoting IE but my Firefox browser hung a number of times while using this tool.
I recommend that you use the Silkscreen font as this font is seen to be the “de facto” font for blog buttons. I’ve tried other fonts and it did not render well for my texts.
Enter texts for the left and right box respectively.
Select the colors you desire and finally
Click on the “Create” button.
Voila! Your very own blog button is generated.

Note: You can specify images that you want added into your blog buttons too. Isn’t this cool? 8)
Be an official Amos fan by using this blog button: Amos Wong Blog Button

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