Fever! Fever! Fever!

Thermometer Indicating FeverTemperature, 39.5 degrees Celsius or 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s what my Braun digital thermometer is telling me. I feel cold, almost to the point of shivering. My bones are aching especially at the joints. My throat is sore and I can see white spots on my tonsils.

My first thoughts are; Oh No! Not tonsillitis again! I suffered from acute tonsillitis last year and had to be admitted into a hospital. I hate hospital environments; it smells different, everyone has a frowning face, the nursing scrubs are awfully plain and the doctors are not exactly friendly.

I’m now resorting to taking hot showers, sponging myself every now and then, gargling with salt water and drinking plenty of water. The fever doesn’t seem to go away and my bones are aching more than ever. I really hope this bout of fever is not going to land me in hospital again. 🙁

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